Here's to the online service-providers who've taken business courses, joined group coaching programs and are still hitting inconsistent 5-figure months

Impact to Income



What’s the biggest difference between a business owner who knows in their bones that they can consistently hit at least $20k every month of the year and one that stays stuck on an up-and-down income rollercoaster.

→ If you guessed taking more business courses, you’d be wrong.

→ If you guessed creating 3 more new offers or more freebies, you’d be wrong.

→ If you guessed trying to mimic Karen’s Instagram’s strategy, you’d be wrong.

Because while all this might have helped you

to where it is now...

It is not the answer to finally making those consistent 5-figure months and hitting multiple 6-figure years.

get your business

And unless you’re willing to take a deeper look at whether:

1. You have the systems in place to build a team.

2. You’re establishing authority online

3. You truly understand growth strategies

Then you’re leaving behind the fundamental education you need to have to move beyond those beginning stage of your business.

Your progress and growth can’t continue to hinge on improvisationguesswork. You need a customized plan that leverages your strengths and builds a strategy with purpose.

Trade fluff for impact and turn

Impact to Income

Trade fluff for impact and turn

Impact to Income

You’re constantly checking your messages on your phone, rushing from one client call to the next, and trying to juggle all the marketing pieces without letting a single ball drop. And frankly, you’re a little exhausted.

You tell yourself to keep it on your to-do list, but you have too much to do today and you already stayed up late three times this week trying to catch up on work.

Next thing you know, two months have passed and you’re still on the same boat: feeling too deflated and overwhelmed to move forward.

You’re so wildly passionate about what you do and who you serve that you can’t imagine doing anything else. But…Could there be an easier way to make your business dreams your business reality — one that feels better and brings you joy?

Could you scale your business and leverage your time, without having to work twice as hard to get there?

Could you make the money you desire and still have freedom?

How are you supposed to sustain this AND grow to where you want to be?

As a hardworking online entrepreneur who’s delivered and served clients with heart and skill, you should be able to take control of your business’s growth and 

you deserve to get clear on your next move.

You deserve to scale your business from $20k months to $50k months with ease, while enjoying some of the freedom and fun you wanted when you first started your business.

You deserve to shift your relationship in every area of your life AND business--whether it’s your clients, your team, even your travels and your bank account!

You deserve to have a waitlist and sell out your programs through your biggest launch yet, *and* make more high-ticket sales regularly.

You deserve to learn to work in flow and alignment. Think less hustle; more yoga serenity.

You deserve to develop a strong mindset that will serve as the bedrock for your infinite growth and unlimited possibility.

You deserve to cultivate a spiritual practice that supports big breakthroughs.

You deserve to

Establish lasting systems and structures in your business.

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the art of sales

the art of sales

the art of sales

If you’re ready to get unstuck, leave behind the doubt, and finally make consistent income, then you’re ready for

Impact to Income Accelerator

You need to master how to:

What you can expect:


Course breakdown:

6 month program of group and 1:1 learning and support.

Live group sessions with guest experts that are top in their industry to bring you specialist insights.

Bi-weekly group calls led by Kate with your fellow Accelerator members to develop skills.

Weekly 1-hour office hours with coach Kate to ask questions and walk through challenges.

Private members area with all video tutorials, done-for-you templates, emails, funnels and more!

Access to ITI panel of coaches inside the members area to optimize your financial know-how, manage DMs, manage your systems and tech, and refresh your mindset.






"Anyone who needs a coach, she is the one."

“Kate is the bull with the horns. She pushes and pushes you and makes you think outside your comfort zone. She always tells you exactly what to do, and how to do it."


"You can't fail in this program, your success is inevitable!"

"I have invested in quite a few coaching programs in my journey and Kates, by far, has caused me to step into the most expansion of my business. You are supported in every sense of the word, from every angel with the coaches that are included."


“It has been nothing short of amazing!"

"The resources, the templates, the videos, the community has truly helped me scale my business and create a better foundation. It has made me more confident in the sustainability and longevity of my business”



When I started my business, it took me months to learn firsthand how important it is to customize business strategies and lay a strong foundation in order to be successful. No matter how many sales scripts I used on my sales calls, how many people I followed who alluded to having some “secret sauce” to success or how many templates I used, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

After I built the proper foundation for my business, learned next-level sales techniques and created core programs and offers that were truly optimized for my ideal client, everything fell into place. I started to scale and had 6-figure launches, put out the compelling content that I knew my audience needed, and continued growing my business every month.

It seemed so obvious after, but here’s what I realized:

There’s no secret sauce, no magical template, no one-size-fits all online course.

I found my own success because I worked with coaches who saw the holes in my business and helped me apply strategies that worked for ME. So, I knew there was more opportunity to help entrepreneurial women in the online space who are driven and motivated to level up in their business, but who have been told that in order to succeed, they need to do retreats with other “girl bosses” and “find their superpower” or say “fuck fear” instead of learning real and effective business strategies.

That’s why I created Impact to Income: to coach women who want to have the same realization that I had. I wanted to coach women with the potential to scale, and help them gain a solid education in serious business practices that will carry them not only through the next three months, but for the next 10 years. I personally know how monumental the shift is between coasting through four and five figure months to achieving financial goals that I thought were only possible for other entrepreneurs. Gaining that clarity is what’s given me the confidence to run and scale my business, and it’s not just “possible” for you--it’s your duty to make the impact you set out to create when you started your business, and it’s more than possible to turn that impact to income.







a sustainable
business model

You’re ready to grow

You’re tired of taking the same old “start your business” courses with the same old beginner strategies.

If you know you’re amazing at the service you provide to your clients, and you want to be just as amazing at running the backend of your business.

You’ve put in the hard work that’s gotten you this far, but you’re ready to learn and execute on making consistent income.

You’re already spending hours and hours on research on how to achieve your next goals—when you could be using that time to execute on deeper strategies.

You know you can hit 5-figure months, but don’t know how to make those months consistently.



You’re done comparing your business to others and feeling like you’re not doing enough.

You know you can go beyond 10 and 20k months, you just need high-level guidance.


You’re curious to find out what areas of your business need to be optimized and you’re ready and motivated to buckle down and put in the work.

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You’ll get on an enrollment call with one of our team members who will ensure this is perfect for you and your business. Once you’re in, you’ll talk with Kate about where you’re at and expectations moving forward in Impact to Income—and get pumped! 


Our team will send you a personalized and customized blueprint of what your priorities will be for the next three months of ITI. Everything is laid out by our team so you’re not coming into ITI not knowing what to do first.


You’ll spend these months showing up, being held accountable, and working to optimize every part of your business so you can run your business like a well oiled machine, while learning new skills.


How it works

You’ll walk away from Impact to Income with not only a clear vision of the future of your business, but with a whole network of like-minded entrepreneurs behind you to cheer you on.


By now you know that the difference 
between a business owner who  

enough to generate consistent $20k+ months and one that remains inconsistent and stuck no matter how hard they work

is customized education

 sustainable and efficient

knows in their bones that their business is

By now you know that the difference between a business owner who KNOWS IN THEIR BONES THAT THEIR BUSINESS IS

If you are a service provider, coach, graphic designer, consultant, influencer, personal trainer, digital course creator, or any type of service-based entrepreneur, even if your business is run offline...

If you want to continue making an impact on the lives of your customers, and never again doubt your success and ability to overcome your own business challenges...

If you’re thinking that you can just get by for now and maybe join another time, but the voice in the back of your head is screaming for you to take action...

If you’ve been feeling like you’re stretched too thin and you’re confused about which aspect of your business you need to pour more energy into...

If you’ve got your sights set on scaling your business to six figures and making more consistent monthly income, but it just seems like a pipe dream…

Impact to Income teaches you not only what to do, but also the why and how to do it.

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Then you belong inside Impact to Income.

Then you belong inside Impact to Income.