Inner Circle’s exclusive private coaching for you and your team will help you shift away from the messy day-to-day survival behind the scenes, to the well-oiled 7-figure machine that you always knew you could reach.

Impact to Income


You’re no newbie. You know the abc’s of business.

→ You’re feeling like it’s lonely at the top and feel like you have no one who can relate to you behind the scenes.

→ The growing pains are taking over as you master one skill and immediately need to master another.

→ You have a loyal following.

→ You’ve been building this machine but still feel like in order to speed up, you’ll need to invest more of your own time—but you have none left to give.

→ You hit multiple 5-figure months, and you’re ready for 6-figure months.

→ You feel like you’re earning a lot of revenue but not necessarily at the profitability you want.

→ You don't need another program where you’re the highest earner in the room.

You’re just ready for

feel so hard

scaling not to


And unless you’re willing to take a deeper look at whether:

More hours?

Another strategy starting from scratch?

More offers?

Not a chance.

When you’ve been coasting as long as you have with multi 5-figure months, but you know that what got you to where you are now, simply won’t get you to 7 figures.

And none of it should cost

you any more time or energy.Impact to Income

And none of it should cost

you any more time or energy.Impact to Income

An exclusive private coaching program for the women who are ready to join the 1.7% of women earning over 1 million dollars a year.
Inner Circle is for the consultant or coach who wants to make a real impact through their work and create a legacy with their business.

The one who:

Wants to expand your brand to a new channel —podcasts, YouTube, email marketing, funnels etc.—without feeling like they’d need to clone themselves to make it happen.

Has the business machine in place and is making at least multiple 5-figure months, but wants to crank it up to hit 7 figures.

Wants to structure existing offers to reach the next level and escape being in constant creation mode.

Is ready to earn over 6 figures during a launch that produce hundreds of sales.

Has a team in place, but is still feeling so gripped to the reins that they feel everything could fall apart in a second.

Is already impacting the lives of clients and those in their community and are ready to be a leader in their industry and build a legacy.

And is so over the “hustle” of the last few years, and is ready to level up and finally embody the CEO and company owner you know you are.

Introducing Impact to Income: Inner Circle

If your application is accepted,
Inner Circle gives you the customized and unique support you need to transition into this next chapter of your biz’s growth.

Kickoff deep dive intensive with the entire ITI team, where we take a roundtable assessment of your business to generate a custom scaling blueprint for you and your team.

You’ll have exclusive 1:1 time with Kate through reserved priority booking.

We will formulate a custom quarterly blueprint.

You have access to the ITI’s Accelerator program.

Receive exclusive 1:1 access to the ITI panel of experts.

Included is 1:1 coaching support for two of your key team members with the Inner Circle TeamGet two of your team members.

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Private Team Slack Channel Your team gets private instant messaging with our Inner Circle team so you can have daily ongoing support.

Bonnie’s background in Psychology and MBA combined with a career in business management spanning operations, sales, marketing and finance. Bonnie manages the ITI business behind the scenes. As our Finance Coach, Bonnie supports our clients with all their financial needs and development.

Bonnie Macleod
Executive Assistant and Finance Coach

Kylie brings 5+ years to the table as an online coach with expertise in attraction and email marketing, launching, sales, leadership development, and mindset. Hitting 7 figures in South Africa, Kylie with her degree in Psychology, Certification in Human Design and studies of female entrepreneurs,is well equipped to develop solid business strategies and empower each business owner to be their personal best.

Business Strategist Coach

Laura coordinates and manages our social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With an extensive background in sales and an education in Psychology Laura brings a unique lens to social media selling. Through this lens, she also mentors ITI members as a social media support coach specializing in sales psychology.

Social Media Director & Support Coach

Meet the Inner Circle Team

The Inner Circle is an exclusive, invitation-only mastermind for a cohort of just five women who are ready to work their way to $100K months—with very little hustle and a whole lotta flow.

And we don’t take just anybody.

If you join our ranks, you’re entering an elite group of super fab entrepreneurs who are disrupting entire industries and setting new sky-high standards.

It’s time to realize that for you get to where you want to be, you need to level up your skills, enhance your talented team, revamp your processes and restructure.

You’ve worked so hard to get your business to this point, don’t let the little vulnerabilities keep you up at night and glued to your laptop. You can take control and reclaim your balance.

You deserve to work on the best parts of your business—the part where you’re making a difference in the lives of the clients you serve with so much heart—without having to put out fires all the time.

You make your first million only when you start thinking and acting like a millionaire.

And most importantly, you shouldn’t be terrified to leave your business to go on a vacation. You deserve that dreamy getaway you’ve been putting off for the last few years!

So what does it take?

It takes rewiring the inside of your business. Without pulling it all apart.

The way you’ve structured your business has you working in the business rather than on it, and you’re still too in demand to be able to achieve the balance you set out for when you outsourced.

How can you possibly be truly present in your actual life when you have to give your business constant attention and be on demand?

So you start searching for more coaching and all you find are expensive retreats to vacation destinations with a few training sessions sprinkled in, more piecemeal outsourcing of services like copywriting, web designers, funnel consultants, etc.

But none of it seems to come together and you end up having to play conductor all over again to coordinate all of it.

Maybe you need another coach? Maybe you need different offers?

→ A structure for your team that allows you to step back.

→ Standardized processes that outline any turnover in your business.

→ Developing your rockstar team members’ skills so they can reach their full potential and increase productivity for your business.

→ Exclusive, customized, private 1:1 coaching from someone who’s been in your shoes to help you truly embody the CEO you *need* to be.

→ And most importantly, to live your life with real balance that you’ve earned through your success.

Hint: You don’t. Here’s what you actually need:

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Impact To Income’s Inner Circle will help you do all of the above and more.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I told my coach I wanted to reach 7-figures by the end of the year, and what he said next left me speechless:

“You don’t deserve 7-figures yet.”

Excuse me?! I thought.

Turns out he was right. He explained that until I started operating like a high-functioning CEO, that I wouldn’t have what it takes to reach that level of income. I wasn’t taking time off.
I didn’t have the business structures in place to make my business continue running if I wasn’t in it.

And I hadn’t structured my team to manage a 7 figure business 

Once the shock wore off and I recovered my ego, I knew I needed to work on myself. Along the way, I realized that anything that isn’t working in my business is the direct failure of my own leadership.

This rocked me. It prompted me to learn all the operations I needed in order to know that whenever I (finally) decide to step back for a few days, that my business wouldn’t fall apart.

I knew I needed to establish boundaries with my clients so I wasn’t constantly feeling on demand 24/7, and that there wasn’t enough of me to go around. I had to do something different as I knew I couldn’t sustain the energy the continue much longer with the current structure
I knew that from now on, all of my successes--and failures--would be entirely dependent on me and my leadership.

No more throwing the words 7-figure CEO around like a buzzword. I committed to the change I needed in my own growth, to reach the next level in my business. And knowing how much exclusive and customized support I needed through that learning process is what prompted me to create Inner Circle for you. Because I knew that for me to level up to the next level of success, it required me to overhaul myself and each area of my business

Working on strategy, leadership and your mindset, refining your team’s skills, reworking and enhancing your internal processes, all of it is what will determine whether you become the true CEO you’ve set out to be.

These letters shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to be the strongest leader of anyone on your team and in your community.

I, along with the Inner Circle team of experts, am here to help women ready to truly level up to the CEO they know they can be

-Your Coach Kate


If you’re on this page, it’s because you are not looking to play small. Because you’re
destined to go where few before you have gone.

And you’re ready for the next step.

You have it in you to be the best CEO that you can be.

Inner Circle’s exclusive private coaching for you and your team will help you shift away from the messy day-to-day survival behind the scenes, to the well-oiled 7-figure machine that you always knew you could reach.

You belong inside The Inner Circle.

With Inner Circle, you’re not sifting through modules and attending group presentations with 25 other entrepreneurs only to have to regurgitate what you learned to your team.

You *and* your team get the customized blueprint for how to make the monumental shifts inside the business to reach your next financial goal, and continue operating that way for the long term.

Your brand, your offers, your team and your values as a business owner are fully supported.

It’s time to scale like you mean it.

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