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“Only 12% of female entrepreneurs ever cross into the 6-figure territory of entrepreneurship". But it doesn't take Gary Vee to tell you…

With the RIGHT combination of clarity, mindset, systems and strategies you can not only beat the odds and create a successful business in the next 90 days, but you can do so in a sustainable way that will keep you growing in the long term.

The problem is..99% of coaches don’t know what they are doing wrong… Is it their marketing and sales process? Is it their offer?
Is it their team? Is it their mindset?

Sure, it sucks spending months, and years of trial and error, working crazy hours, and failing to make the money you deserve, but that's not the real tragedy.. It’s the THOUSANDS of people out there that need you, that won’t get impacted by your solutions. 

And that…. I can’t allow

So wherever you’re at in your coaching journey, you need to make sure you have the systems, strategies, and support to get your message and mission to those who need you.

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Impact to Income Accelerator

The program for go-getter entrepreneurs who are making sales but aren’t hitting the consistent 5-figure months they desire.

Scale up to the next phase of your business by building and launching a dynamic product suite to elevate your client base. You’ll find that applying these more advanced scaling strategies will finally move the needle on your bottom line in a big way.

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An exclusive private coaching program for the women who are ready to earn 1 million dollars a year.

Refine the well-oiled business machine you’ve built so you can hit the next milestone of your business with balance. Inner Circle will give you the customized coaching and support to help you build you 7-figure empire.

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Impact to Income

 Inner Circle

client love

Kate has helped me to accomplish in 3 months, what would have taken me years to implement

My first launch with her sold out in 24 hours, with a 34k launch, with my highest before that being 12k. 

With the help of Kate and her incredible team, I did a 75k launch!. The support is so extensive, you really can’t go wrong!

I went from charging under $100, to charging 3k! I have since had back to back clients, who are paying in full!

Within the first call I had instant clarity! I couldn’t wish to have a better mentor.