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6 Figure Coach Masterclass

Are you ready to become a 6 figure coach? To learn how to build a successful online coaching business to 10k months?

Inside you will learn:

→ My signature step by step framework.

→ The biggest mistakes online coaches make.

→ How to leverage social media ( even with a small following).

→ The behind the scenes of how I did 500k in my first year online.

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Landing Leads Mini Course

Feel like you are doing all the ‘right’ things and still not getting consistent clients? What if I told you that you could get consistent leads and sales WITHOUT a large following, website or email list?

In this free mini course you will learn: 

→ My signature E-A-S framework.

→ The lead generation tasks you need each day, week and month to create a consistent pipeline of leads.

→ The mistakes keeping you from being booked out.

→ How to unlock the mistakes keeping you from being booked out this year!

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Team Building Toolkit

→ Are you ready to go from solopreneur to building a team, but get stuck with still having questions? How do I know it's time? How much do I pay? How do I find the right person? Then the team building toolkit is perfect for you!

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